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Family residential complex with private garden

Future residents will undoubtedly appreciate that the site will also incorporate a courtyard. Over an area of around 4 200 m2, the courtyard will be planted with lush greenery and equipped with benches and other furniture for relaxing. The site is located directly opposite the rising Na Jezerce street, which also provides a vista into the courtyard.

Trigema Nová

Time-tested features

The architects have succeeded in creating a masterpiece. When designing flats for families, they combined the traditional and well-tested layouts of panel apartment blocks with those trends and features that no family today can go without. Small flats, whether used for investment purposes, for renting out or living in, provide both plenty of open space and sufficient room for wardrobes or other storage places. The balcony or terrace, which features in each flat regardless of its size, represents a great, yet unusual, benefit.

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Trigema Nová

Architecture will build on the surrounding residential area

The Nová Nuselská apartment project will comprise a total of three separate structures. Each will seamlessly connect to the surrounding buildings in terms of height and architecture, including typical gable roofs. Following completion of the buildings, which should occur late next year, a five- to seven-storey complex will have been constructed providing 146 Smart Living units. The apartments will be from studio to 3-bedroom in size. The buildings will be very energy efficient, and as such all buildings will receive Energy Performance Certificate Class B ratings.

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Trigema Nová

Eco-friendly building

The apartment complex Nová "Nuselská" has a Gr. B certificate of energy performance and it is associated with the use of suitable materials. Trigema puts the greatest emphasis on the long-term use of these materials and on work processes that guarantee the durability of the new homes. The abovementioned functions of watering and prepared charging points for electrical vehicles, although not visible at first sight, add to the functionality of the system. A self-regulating heating cable replaces the circulating loop of hot water distribution that is the standard solution for the supply of hot water in conventional buildings. Keeping the temperature of hot water (HWAT system) without a circulating pipe is a smart, comfortable, economical and eco-friendly solution. The HWAT system compensates for the heat loss of hot water pipelines via a self-regulating cable attached to hot water pipelines.

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Trigema Nová

The technology of the future in your apartment

Trigema, as a developer of residential projects, is proud to equip its flats with technology that will normally be available and commonly used in a few years’ time. Currently this modern technology belongs to the future. State-of the-art devices are designed and integrated into the new flats to save time and future financial costs, to protect the health and the environment, but above all to make life easier. Whether it is about air recovery or the intelligent control of the flat, operating and maintaining these devices is very simple. Anyone can live with them.

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Trigema Nová

Traditional Prague locality inside the wider city center

You will find plenty of shops and services in Nusle, which has been an integral part of the capital city for almost 100 years, as well as other places worth visiting. The apartment building lies in an attractive neighbourhood surrounded by Nuselská and V Horkách streets just a few dozen metres from one of the natural centres of the district – Kloboučnická.

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Trigema Nová

Quick access. Everywhere!

You can get to the centre or edges of Prague from Nusle in comfort and in just a few minutes by city public transport means. I.P. Pavlova and Karlovo náměstí (Charles Square) metro stations, for example, can be reached by tram in only around ten minutes. The bus to Pankrác metro station takes 5 minutes.

Another benefit is the whole district’s inclusion in Prague Integrated Transport through the nearby Praha Vršovice train station, from where you can travel to south Bohemia or via Kačerov train station to the Posázaví or Dobříš regions.

Trigema Nová

The above-standard fittings of the flats

In addition to their optimal layout, the flats have the highest standard fittings provided by popular brands that focus primarily on premium quality goods. The bathrooms are completely equipped with stylish fittings, including tiles and faucets by industry's top manufacturers. The floor coverings include traditional wooden materials or the popular vinyl in many colour variations. We also pay attention to the overall concept of the interior, colour matching and the detail of the work, and in our flats we use 2100 mm high doors with a high resistant CPL surface in many shades of colour. Everything is designed, carried out and installed in complete harmony with the overall purpose of the project.

Trigema Nová

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