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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the project called Nová "Nuselská"?

The reasons for calling the project Nová (or New) “Nuselská” go back into history and the original Nusle Dairy site. At the time, the dairy company in Prague gave its headquarters as at the address “Nuselská”.

How many apartments does the project include?

The four- to six-story apartment buildings include 146 apartment units.

What size apartments does the project provide?

You’ll find all apartment unit types in the project, from small-scale studio (or “1+kk”) apartments to two large 3-bedroom (or “4+kk”) apartments with terrace or garden.

What are the prices of the apartment units?

The average price is in line with market developments in the neighbourhood, as well as the high standard accommodation, based on the technology and facilities within the house and specific apartments. Through our long-term monitoring of the market, we can declare that prices are very close to the current average found on the border between the Prague 3, Prague 4 and Prague 10 districts. You can see for yourself using the aggregator www.flatzone.cz, for example.

Complete price list available here. here.

What is the project’s Energy Performance Rating?

The project is within the Class B Energy Performance rating. The certificate is available here.

When will the project be completed, and when can I plan to move in?

Construction is planned to begin in spring 2020, with demolition work and surfacing currently underway. The project should be completed in autumn 2020. The apartments will subsequently be ready for their new owners to move in.

Will the building also include commercial premises (shops, services)?

Three commercial premises are planned for the building, which are meant to expand the already high level of amenities available in the nearby neighbourhood.

What are the options for financing the purchase of an apartment within the Nová “Nuselská” project?

Purchasing an apartment in the Nová "Nuselská" project can be financed using essentially all available means: in cash, through financial products (mortgages, loans through buildings savings accounts, etc.) or using an individual payment calendar in line with project rules. Trigema provides the option of choosing from a number of co-operating banking institutions. Our partners are ČSOB, ČS, HB and Unicredit. In order to arrange a mortgage with any of our co-operating banks, you need only an ID and confirmation of your income. All other documents relating to the purchased property will be supplied by Trigema to the bank.

What do the apartment units include?

The apartment is equipped with the Trigema Smart Living Plus quality standard, which you can find out about here.

How many parking spaces are available, or is there the option of purchasing parking spaces?

A total of 151 parking spaces are located within Basement Level 1 of the apartment building. There are 5 more outside next to the project. This number meets the requirements of Prague’s building regulations.

Won’t the surrounding traffic disturb our peace and quiet?

Most project apartments face the quiet courtyard. Many apartments with windows facing the street are facing the quieter V Horkách street. Another aspect which helps eliminate surrounding noise is the triple glazing, which comes as standard within the Trigema Smart Living concept. You can find the project location

What amenities are available near the project? (Where is the closest school, nursery, public transport stop, etc.)?

The closest public transport stop is “Horky” or "Kloboučnická", from where trams or buses take you either to Pankrác on Metro Line C (5 minutes), Karlovo náměsti/Charles Square on Metro Line B (15 minutes), or to Náměstí míru on Line A (10 minutes). There are nursery and elementary schools, a number of supermarkets and numerous restaurants and bistros on Nuselská street within walking distance (within 5 minutes). Everything else you need for your daily life can be reached within 15 minutes by foot without the need to use public transport.

What are the anticipated running costs for the apartments?

Based on our experience with previous projects, we can say now that your monthly costs for running your apartment come in at around 55 CZK/m2 when you first move in. This sum mainly incorporates costs for heating, electricity, water and minor costs such as cleaning and electricity for common areas, elevator operation, building insurance, property management and so on. A precise sum will be known shortly before individual apartments are given final inspection approval and this will be included in the monthly schedule of payments. This sum will correspond to the actual state for each apartment unit covered.

Has the building got all required permits?

The Nová “Nuselská” project has all final zoning and building permits for construction of the apartment building. The completion date is currently timetabled for autumn 2020, when we begin handing over apartment units to their new owners.

How can I reserve an apartment within the Nová “Nuselská” project?

You can make a Verbal Reservation for your chosen apartment unit so it is not sold before you make a final decision. This reservation is free of charge. For further information, do not hesitate to contact our sales centre using the contact form, or by calling 773 746 660.

A new aspect of the Nová “Nuselská” project is the option of signing a Reservation Contract at your home or office without the necessity of visiting our sales centre. More information on the entire process is available on our financing page.

What is the warranty on the apartment unit, and how can I make any claims?

The standard warranty period is 24 months. Trigema prides itself on the quality of its apartments, and as such we offer a premium 36 month warranty period. Further information available in ourclaims procedure.

How are claims dealt with?

If any claims arise, Trigema deals with them without undue delay. We agree on a procedure for correcting the defect with the apartment owner. An important factor in dealing with any claim is that defects should be reported by the new owner as soon as they are found, and also that you need to work with Trigema – making your apartment accessible at the agreed times. More detailed information available in our claims procedure.

Where can I find out more information about the project?

We’ll provide you with all information about the project in person at Trigema’s sales centre at Bucharova 2641/14, 158 00 Prague 5 – on the ground floor of the Explora Jupiter building at Nové Butovice metro station, or by calling 800 340 350.

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